Biography of Dr. Willie J. Greer Kimmons



Dr. Willie J. Kimmons was born in Hernando, Mississippi.  He was raised in Memphis, Tennessee where he attended public schools and received his high school diploma from Frederick Douglass High School.  He was a student athlete and received an athletic scholarship to attend Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.  While at Lincoln University, he was active in the Student Government Association and ROTC.  He served as First Lieutenant in the United States Army, Adjutant General Corps, during the Vietnam era as an administrative, data processing, and personnel officer.

Dr. Kimmons received his undergraduate education at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, in Health Education and Psychology.  He received his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and his Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision in Higher Education at the age of 28 from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.

Dr. Kimmons has served at every level in the higher education teaching and learning process with dedication and distinction.  Over the past forty years, he has been a Public School Teacher; a College Professor; College President and College Chancellor.

Currently he is serving as an Educational Consultant for Pre-K-16 schools, author of five (5) books and as a Motivational/Empowerment Speaker.  Dr. Kimmons serves as consultant in the areas of Title I programs; parental involvement; teacher and administrative training; management; budget development; strategic and long range planning; collective bargaining; contract negotiations; human resource development; and stress management.  He provides consultant services for public and private schools, two and four year colleges and universities throughout the country.

Dr. Willie J. Kimmons is one of America’s leading authorities on education, leadership, parental involvement, and health related issues.  He is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker, seminar leader, and author of five (5) books.

Dr. Kimmons made his first of many presentations at the National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference in Miami, Florida in 1974. He has given more than 500 presentations and lectures to a variety of organizations including: educational associations; Chambers of Commerce; elementary, middle, and high schools; 2 year colleges, 4 year colleges, and universities; churches and other religious organizations; Kiwanis; Rotary; Lions; NAACP; Urban League; economic development organizations; political groups; Greek organizations; youth groups; parenting groups; daycare centers; Head Start programs; civic and other community organizations.

Dr. Kimmons serves as a health care advocate. He is a national spokesperson and proposal reviewer for diabetes, breast and prostate cancers, and health related matters and he serves on the African American Men’s Health Summit, Steering Committee for Central Florida. He is a member of the Volusia and Flagler Counties African American Men’s Prostate Cancer Board of Directors, Daytona Beach, Florida.


Dr. Kimmons is Vice-Chairperson of the Daytona Beach Community Relations Council; Vice-Chairperson of Daytona Beach/Volusia County Association for Retarded Citizens; Board member of Daytona Beach/ Volusia County Health Department; Vice President of the Volusia County Florida Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder, (MAD DADS); Facilitator of “Young Male’s Rites of Passage Program”, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Florida; Board member of the Daytona Beach/Volusia County Salvation Army; Vice President, Volusia County Florida  First Step Juvenile Residential Facility for young males; Board member of Volusia County Florida Children and Family Services; Committee member, Orlando, Orange County Florida, Juvenile Delinquency, Truancy, Crime and Behavioral Issues in Schools; and Committee member, Orlando, Orange County Florida, Juvenile Commission for Mental Health, Substance Abuse in Schools, and Chair of the Board, Daytona Beach Housing Authority; Co-Chair, Daytona Beach, FL Charter Review Commission. 

Dr. Kimmons was selected in 2001 as a Distinguished Alumnus of his Alma Mater, Lincoln University, a Historical Black Institution located in Jefferson City, Missouri. He was recognized for his leadership skills, community involvement, scholarly pursuits, and educational achievements as an author, college professor, motivational speaker, college president and chancellor. In addition, the Distinguished Graduate award was bestowed upon Dr. Kimmons for exemplary service and for his contributions as an outstanding alumnus. The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO), also honored Dr. Kimmons at its 26th National Conference on Blacks in Higher Education held in Washington, D. C. in March, 2001.

Dr. Kimmons was the 2003 recipient of the Furthering Rights, Investing in Equality and Nurturing Diversity (F.R.I.E.N.D.) Award in Orlando Florida.  The Florida Civil Rights and Human Relations Commission honored him for his outstanding mentoring and volunteer work in public schools and the community.

Dr. Kimmons was the 2006 recipient of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, (NABSE), and Lifetime Achievement Award. NABSE honored him for his outstanding lifetime efforts and achievements to the African American community and the community at-large.  This award was bestowed upon Dr. Kimmons at NABSE’s Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Kimmons was inducted in the Frederick Douglass High School 2008 Wall of Fame for his scholarly pursuits, leadership skills, educational attainments in public schools, 2 and 4-year colleges and universities and as an honored graduate in Memphis, TN.

Dr. Kimmons was honored as an outstanding community leader by the Daytona Deliverance Church of God in Daytona Beach, Florida, August, 2010.  He was honored for his lifetime commitment of working with young people in the Volusia County Florida school system as a mentor and volunteer.  He was commended for his leadership in community activities, serving on numerous  boards and advisory councils.  His service as a humanitarian, health care advocate and community leader enriched the city, county and state in which he resides.  


Dr. Kimmons was honored as a distinguished graduate by Northern Illinois University College of Education in DeKalb, IL, September 2011.

Dr. Willie Kimmons in 2012 was Recognized by the National Alumni Association of Frederick Douglass High School for his continuous outstanding commitment and dedication to Frederick Douglass High School in Memphis, TN.

Dr. Kimmons in 2013 served as honored guest speaker on the Central Florida Good Life Television Program, Channel 45, viewed by more than 5 million viewers in Orlando, FL.

Dr. Kimmons was honored as the Father of the Year at the 16th Annual International Fatherhood Conference and served as keynote speaker in June 2014 in Memphis, TN.

Dr. Kimmons was honored in 2016 as a former president of Trenholm State Community College in Montgomery, Alabama at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the College. (1966-2016) for his professional commitment and dedication in stabilizing the College under his leadership as President. 2017, Dr. published his 6th book, “The Making of an Urban Community College in a Union and Political Environment: A Historical Perspective of Wayne County Community District, Detroit, Michigan (1964-2017), where he served as President (1979-1983) of the Downtown Campus of Wayne County Community College. 2018, Dr. Kimmons was the recipient of the National Civil Rights and Social Justice Award for his lifelong commitment and his body of work in support of human dignity, civil rights and social justice. The award was presented during the 54th Anniversary Commemorative Service for James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, the three young freedom fighters who were lynched in 1964 in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Dr. Kimmons also served as the keynote speaker at the awards ceremony.

Dr. Kimmons has been awarded the key to 12 major cities in the United States by the mayors.  He was honored and recognized for his community service, civic and leadership contributions in the areas of race relations and community relations.

Dr. Willie J. Kimmons is a religious man, family man, parent of four (4) adult children, two (2) daughters and two (2) sons, all of whom are graduates of Historically and Predominately Black Colleges and Universities (H.B.C.U.’s).  Dr. Kimmons dedicated his current book, A Parenting Guidebook, to his seven (7) grandchildren, five (5) girls and two (2) boys.

In the past 5 years, Dr. Kimmons has spoken in 50 cities, signed and sold over 400,000 copies of his Parenting Guidebook.  His godmother, the late, great, Honorable Shirley Chisholm, a former member of the U.S. Congress, encouraged him to write A Parenting Guidebook. She wrote the foreword to his parenting guidebook.

Dr. Kimmons’ interest in education stems from a background of training and experience in the area of human development, leadership, and community service.  He is always eager to promote learning and development of the student by setting the atmosphere to motivate not only the student, but also other individuals within the educational arena.

Dr. Willie J. Kimmons has spent his entire career getting to the root of understanding the nature of the issues confronting today’s parents, teachers, and students. He has successfully dealt with many of the challenges of human beings throughout his career as a professional educator and community leader.  His life’s ambition is to expand enthusiasm for education, and continue his commitment and dedication to the learner.

Dr. Kimmons’ philosophy is … that institutions should be committed to providing quality educational and health care services and should be held accountable by the communities they serve.  He welcomes the challenge of giving and sharing leadership that supports these goals.  He further believes that by uniting our energies and supporting our educational and health care systems, we will be able to keep our students academically challenged, and our citizens better prepared for life.

Dr. Kimmons’ Motto is …“Help Me to Help Somebody to Save Our Children, and Save Our Schools; Never, Ever, Give Up On Our Children, Because Our Children are Our Greatest Resource; Our Children are an Extension of Us; and Our Children are Our Future.”

Dr. Kimmons is a new voice for partners in education serving children, parents and teachers. He founded his corporation in 2005 and serves as President/CEO of Save Children Save Schools, Inc., Educational Services, 1653 Lawrence Circle, Daytona Beach, Florida 32117