The types of services are offered in the form of professional development workshops/keynote speeches for school districts, 2-4 year colleges, youth groups, crime prevention organizations, parenting groups, Head Start programs, day care centers, churches, community and civic organizations:

  • "Making the Parent Connection"
  • "Parent Involvement = Student Success"
  • "Parents and Day Care - Guiding Children Toward Their Potential Together"
  • "Parents Are the Village: Charting Pathways to Success"
  • "Working Together, Leaving No Child Behind"
  • "Parents and Teachers As Partners"
  • "Motivating Your Child To Learn"
  • "Parents Changing Lives So No Child Is Left Behind"
  • "Making the Right Connections through Parent Involvement"
  • "Parents-Schools-Community"
  • "Enhancing the Academic Achievement of Students by teaching parents, counselors, and administrators the importance of forging Community Partnerships to help Save Our Children and Save Our Schools"
  • "Closing the Academic Achievement Gap of Students"
  • "Crisis of the Black Male"
  • "Educating Children of Color for The 21st Century"
  • "The Impact of Parental Involvement in School Integration"
  • "The Role of Religion & Education in Children's Lives"
  • "How Teachers can Develop a Rapport with Students and Work Effectively with Parents"
  • "Causes and Effects of School Dropouts on our Communities"
  • "Instruction Influences Student Discipline"
  • "The Impact of Volunteering and Mentoring on Children's Academic Achievement"
  • "The Importance of a Good Education"    
  • "The role of fathers in rearing their children to help Save our Children and Save our Schools" 


Dr. Willie J. Greer Kimmons posing with Attorney Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League and Attorney Isaac East, candidate for Duval County Court Judge, Jacksonville, FL